Hole 20


hole 20 tee

Hole 20 green

7 thoughts on “Hole 20

  1. Beautiful drive with an Discraft Z-Storm with just enough hyzer to sit near the back of the drink (or so I thought). I dont have my name on it but enjoy, let me know if it flies for you as it did for me.

  2. I birdied this hole last week. The rest of my round was terrible, but getting the bird while shooting over the pond made it all worth while!

  3. I deuced this one myself, Dave. I also had a poor round, but landing a beautiful tee shot right next to the pin helped pick up my spirits for the day.

  4. made a 175 ft up shot across the pond for birdie .. flx challenger

  5. Wish people wold not throw all the sticks in the pound, i pulled as mutch as i could on sunday night out to the edges it sucked bad.

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