Hole 4 (Signature Hole)


hole 4

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  1. Out of the many courses I have played; this one can’t be beat for total entertainment and challenge. It ROCKS!!!

  2. I love this hole for the mind game. It felt so good to par! Any Recommendations on a perfect disc for this hole?

  3. I always use a mid range on this hole. Sometimes, one of my opponents gets off a really nice drive down the middle, but more often than not, I poke my mid range up the middle and take a 4 or a 5 while my opponents go in and out of the woods trying to kill it up the middle, and end up with a 6 or a 7.

  4. SS Avenger for driver, Comet or Buzzz for mid. With the SS, start it down the right side with a hyzer, let it flip up while crossing over to the left side, by then it will be flat and ZOOOOOOOOOOM. This bad boy got 2’d at the Majestic. 19 year old kid ripped a XCalibur of all discs and made the 20 footer. SICK 2~!!!!!!!

    Glad you guys like it, some people thought I was crazy when I designed it that way. Pucker factor.


  5. I finally got a par, It was awesome. I used a shark right down the middle. It was the first time I used that disc on this hole.

  6. Wow! I tossed it the same way and believe it or not I got a birdie. I was amazed.

  7. this has to be the most insane hole in the minnesota. cant by a two on this hallway hole

  8. The signature hole is the similar to one that is in St Stephen, MN on a course that was established in 2004. This is not a “one of a kind shot”

  9. During the Minnesota Majestic, when the worlds best players played the hole, it had an average score of 4.4. MN doesn’t have too many par 4’s (not including Giants Ridge). Chandler Fry from Oregon carded a “f:rom 20 feet away. I’ve heard of some throw in’s from 100 -150 ft but Chandler is the only legit putting 2 that I know of. Don’t think the similar hole in St. stephen made the cover of any disc magazines.

  10. It actually won best photo in disc golf magazine, I’m not sure what issue it was but I have seen it.

  11. hey mike k know u didnt fool do u want me to come up there and whoop up on u D onnie “chains ‘ west SILVER VIEW CHAMP

  12. This is a fun hole! I deuced it 3 times using a D cyclone and made my 30′ putts. I always seem to get 3’s on that hole by tossing two straight putter shots down the middle. That seems to be most consistent for a 3. Cannot risk a driver all the time on it so either a putter or a slow mid-range would work best unless you want to park it.

  13. I have a witness don. who are you. Silver View sucks anyway

  14. The hole is just to hard. I think it should be taken out of the course layout.

  15. hay im 11 years old and just use a midrange it goes straiter so tuffen up ya baby

  16. I think that hole 4 is needed on this course.. i started playing disc golf this years for the first time and yes this hole is frustrating and it can either make or break your round but i have birdied it twice and pared it about 5 times but average score is a 6.. this hole will never leave and if it does it would be a shame

  17. this hole is the most challenging on the course so it should be if you dont like it just take ur 6 and dont even throw loosing it would be awful

  18. i generally need a few beers after this hole, if you don’t throw a roc you are toast, otherwise 2 small drives and your in birdie territory, that aside i usually bogey it!

  19. if this hole goes, i would be very dissapointed…can be frustrating, but is a very good challange….holes up to this one are relatively easy then u get nailed with this….definately makes or breaks your round.

  20. First time out to the course today, and I absolutely love it. It has now become my favorite course. The first time I threw on hole 4 I got a 7, which really hurt the total stokes for the round. Second time through I lined up with a Teebird right down the middle, gave the Buzzz a toss, missed a 50ft put, and finished on par. Oh how good it felt to par this hole, finishing this round with 100 stokes. I cant wait to come back and throw!

  21. Star Wraith 173 + Soft Challenger – Tree Collisions = Birdy

  22. Check the spreadsheet for thurs. leagues. I am NOT a great disc golfer, however, I’ve found throwing a ROC or BUZZZZ off the tee and for your second shot gets you in range and following that method have managed to par this hole a few times. I find hole 7 more difficult than 4 though. I have NEVER hit par on 7. It kicks my ass everytime and has stolen a few discs from me too.

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