Hole 3

8 thoughts on “Hole 3

  1. I throw side arm so I throw left to right on hole 3.

  2. depends on the day, wind, and how I’ve thrown the first two. Backhand on #1 and Forehand on #2 so its 50/50 on #3.

  3. I aced this hole my first throw at it, June 13th at 6:00pm. Just wondering if theres been many aces on it as its by far my most difficult one I’ve gotten to stick. I threw it sidearm along the left, seemed like the easiest way to get there at the time. Only about a foot off the ground with a nice skip up and in.

  4. I don’t care, i just started this year, first time i played this hole i got an 8, second time i went way right around the right side cut thru and was about 12 ft away for a birdie, did it again on the second round on thursday the 8th,2010

  5. i normally throw a thumber on this hole. my side arms throws are no good and a comet just dosnt have the float to get all the way to the right. normally my thumber will get about 20-50 feet away. just hard down that left path.

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