Hole 17


Hole 17tee

17 pit

6 thoughts on “Hole 17

  1. Right hand side arm drive. Thread the needle through the trees. Long hyzer throw with a birdie chance. This course is great, because a finesse player can get many birdie chances. You don’t have to have a huge drive to shoot below par here. You just have to be accurate.

  2. I’ve played over 400 courses and I’ve never seen a basket sunk in a hole/pit. Unique to say the least.

  3. There is a hole on the Becker course that is sunk in a hole also if you have never played that course I would highly recommend it, it is great

  4. I had my first ace ever on this hole today. Does anyone know how far this hole is? I forgot to check the post.

  5. To quote Fred Durst, “Now get in the pit and try to love someone”!

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