Mulligan League Starts March 8th

One extra shot per hole must keep your mulligan if used. Every Sunday from 10 am to hour before dusk Am/ Adv.  $7.00 Open $8.00 Optional Bonus Ace Pool $3.00 extra

Halloween Night Golf

Sign up from 6pm -7pm Cost $20.00 Pumpkin carving contest, Cash CTP, Cash Payouts, Free Drink (21+) and Camping will be Allowed this night ONLY!!! Come out and enjoy Spooky night golf round with BRP

Sunday Mulligan League

Flex Start 10 am to hour before dusk Cost Am / Adv $7.00 Open $8.00 Extra $3.00 for Bonus Ace Pool. one Mulligan per hole

Night Golf September 26 2014

Sign up from 6-7 pm Tee Off 7 pm Cost $10.00 Come out and enjoy a round at night we light up the course. Its an amazing time.

Thursday Summer League

Flex Start 10 am to hour before dusk Am / Adv  $7.00 Open $8.00 Extra $1.00 For Bonus Ace Pool

Am Worlds

Course will be Closed until 1 pm on July 22 & 23


BRP Cash Open June 28, 2014                  

Night Golf

June 13 2014   Start time 9 pm cost $10.00 All cash Payouts 3 divisions, Cash CTP, Full Moon and a amazing night. Everyone’s welcome to come join the fun.