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  1. is there any way you could spray to get rid of the poison ivy?

  2. was wondering if you guys allow outside alcohol on your course we are planning on going up there for my bachelor party and throwing a round or 2 and was just wondering if there would be any issues with that before showing up

  3. party on we have had bachelor parties here befor.. have fun

  4. rock on and trust me we will be curdios to all the other throwers on the course

  5. Hey I was up there at BRP, “amazing course” for the Minnesota Majestic and on hole 20 I lost my orange 175 champ Monarch and it has a 2009 South Dakota States stamp, and was wondering if it was ever returned to the course lost and found? I moved to MN so the phone # in the disc is invalid.

  6. When are the results from the recession session gonna be posted ??????????????????

  7. I have 2 discs that I lost up there. 1)Yellow Star Wraith 2)Light Blue Star Destroyer. I would gladly give a reward to anyone who finds them.

  8. Lost my Pink ESP Meteor on hole 11 (at least it’s 11 according to the site) hit a tree and rolled into the water to the left. Couldn’t find it. If someone digs it out I’d love to know. Name and number are on it.

  9. I Lost An Orange Slice Disc In the Water when i Was playing over the weekend, If you See it, Could you give me a call at 763 432 2521. It Should have my name on the back of it

    -Tucker Burton

  10. I lost a orange lightning Slice, this past weekend, it had my name on the back of it i think. just give me a shout if you find it. 763 432 2521

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